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Product name : Iron Oxide Pigment Dispersion(Paste)
Item : 2017621103036
自定义参数 : 
自定义参数 : 
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Name of the product:Iron Oxide Pigment  Dispersion(paste)

Product type:red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide, black iron oxide


Appearance:colorful liquid

Performance and main applications

This product shows sound performance, high covering power and stronger tinting strength, and good dispersion resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, resistance to foul gases as well. It has strong resistance to acid and alkali , as well as high heat. So this product is widely used in such areas as colorful cement brick, paint, building material, plastic, painting, etc., and also used as colorants for printing ink, rubber and paper-making.

Packing:  20KG/Bucket,  30KG/Drum, 50KG/Drum

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