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Product name : Easy Washable Pigment Paste
Item : 201762111469
自定义参数 : 
自定义参数 : 
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Name of the product:Easy Washable Pigment Paste

Product type:easy washable red Pigment Paste, easy washable yellow Pigment Paste, easy washable blue Pigment Paste


Appearance:colorful paste

Performance and main applications

This product is marks of embroidery and textile material, with clear patterns, good degree of colors, and uniform dyeing, no pollution. when washing in post-finishing, chemical raw materials and stewing at high temperature are unnecessary. Just soak it in water for several minutes, and then get the removal of color patterns, without any traces left, improving work efficiency and economic benefits.



Packing:20KG/bucket,  30KG/drum, 50kg/ drum, IBC

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